Parishoners Day - Sunday October 20st immediately following Mass

St. Thomas Church will hold its 3rd Parishoners Day on Sunday October 21st, 2013. This is an opportunity to meet fellow parishoners, our Priests, Parish Council members and to learn more about "What's Happening" and how to get involved.
Information will be available on:
How to volunteer - Reading at Mass, Altar Service, Communion, after Mass hospitality (coffee, etc.), restoring the monastery

Religious Education & Children's Liturgy - infomation on the programs and how to volunteer -- Teachers ARE NEEDED!!!!

St. Thomas run Augustian School

Social Justice - Abortion & Human Trafficing initiatives

Family Ministry

Parish activities - evening prayers, meditation, Adult inquiry classes, Marriage Preparation, language classes (Spanish, Czech)

Upcoming Events -- Thanksgiving Dinner, etc.

Music - singers and musicians needed