How to have a merciful Lent?

Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Gospel : Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem Jesus and the sinner –Luke 19, 2-40

Main idea: Service

Spiritual work of mercy for this week:
Comfort the afflicted.

What can I do?:
Helping each other, to
Talk with someone who has any affliction or problem
Say a nice word,
Greet people

5. Lenten week

Gospel: Jesus and the sinner –John 8,1-11

Main idea: Understanding

Spiritual work of mercy for this week:
Admonish sinners,

What can I do?:
Do not judge people who are not like you would like
Admit your mistakes and do not criticize the faults of others.
Have an understanding for the weaknesses of others, but do not agree with their sins

4. Lenten week

The Prodigal Son –Luke 15,1-3.11-32

Main idea:

Spiritual work of mercy for this week:
Forgive offences

What can I do?:
To forgive the one who hurt me.
To reconcile with someone who may not speak with you.
To reconcile with God in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
Notes on your person take with humor.
Not offend people.

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3. Lenten week

Gospel : The Barren Gig tree –Luke 13, 1-9

Main idea: To be patient

Spiritual work of mercy for this week:

Bear patiently those who do us ill

What can I do?:
Patiently wait for slower.
Listen to anyone who needs something to tell us.
Patiently deal with the sick, the elderly and any other or people
Wait patiently - in queue, for the bus ...
Have time for others and make good use of your time

2. Lenten week

Gospel: Trasfiguration of the Lord – Luke 9, 28-36

Main idea: Pray

Spiritual work of mercy for this week:
Instruct the ignorant

What can I do?:
Pray more ( don´t use more words but be more pious)
Help somebody do his task
Share your knowledge with the others and don´t boast
Set a good example to the others
Be ready to explain why you believe in God and why you behave as a Christian (when you are asked this question)
Be interested in your faith and study to deepen your understanding of it.

1. Lenten week
Gospel : The temptations of Jesus – Luke 4,1-13
Main idea: Take a decision
Spiritual work of mercy for this week:
What can I do?:
Overcome laziness and indolence.
Do something for the others even though you don´t feel like it.
Be interested in the others and their worries
Give the best advice when somebody asks you for it.
Always choose good even though the others would mock you.