Fr. William’s 50th Priest anniversary

The 50th anniversary of Fr. William´s Priest ordination will be on Sunday, 9th of June at 11:00am Mass.
Father William has served under no less than SIX Popes. He was a living witness to Vatican II and multiple reforms and unfortunately scandals in the church.

He has taught hundreds of students, he has ministered to tens of thousands, he served behind the Iron Curtain and experienced first hand the oppression of communism. He has fulfilled the role of pastor, priest, mentor, teacher, student, and friend.

I cannot begin to fathom the depth of commitment that one must have to stick with one career for 50 years. I also cannot imagine the patience, energy, and steadfast commitment needed to minister to a congregation. To be able to do both at such a high level of excellence is living proof of a great man who is filled with the Grace of God.

When I see Father William today, I see a young man’s smile, I am caught by a bright twinkle in his eye. Although the world has changed significantly, his belief and faith have not. He believes he is an instrument of God and that through him God provides some measure of help to those who seek it. Some are given strength, others relief, and still others peace and all are given the promise of God’s Love, through Christ. He loves each of us; he gives unselfishly of his time and of his wisdom and extensive knowledge.

Let us celebrate today…Let us celebrate God’s Grace and the Resurrection of Christ. Let us count our blessings, and today more than any other let us count among those, the gift we have in our Priest Father William Faix.

Thanks be to God.