3rd Annual Something New For Easter Prague Clothing Drive

Are you looking for a place to donate used clothes in Prague? Throughout April, the English-speaking Community's children's Religious Education Program is asking for new and used clothes which will be given directly to the St. Tomas clothing charity. The name of the drive - Something New For Easter – is in honor of the tradition in many places of wearing new clothes at Easter, or in this case, giving someone clothes that are new to them and may help them through an important event such as a job interview or transition to a safe house, or keep them warm during cold weather. This is a wonderful way to complete a work of mercy by clothing those who need it! Collection bins will be located just inside of the Monastery courtyard, under the English Community's notice board. There is a special need for socks, underwear and shoes for the homeless this year, though all donations are very welcome as there are many people in need of all ages. This would be a great project to get your Prague-based office, club, or school group involved in as well! Please contact Mary Beth Hlavsa at REdirector@augustiniani.cz for details.