Our Classes and Teachers

In 2012-2013, the following 7 classes opened:
Teachers: Monika Shaheen, Kim Strebel
Assistant: Sophia Candaza

Teacher: Peter Hobden
Assistant: Radka MacGregor

1st Communion
Teacher: JoAnn Manzano
Assistants: Paula Hobden, Paola Lucianetti

Post-Communion I
Teacher: Lourdes Morgan
Assistant: Michael Morgan

Post-Communion II
Teacher: Vanessa Cucchi
Assistant: DawnAnn Haertel

Post-Communion III
Teacher: Mary Beth Hlvasa
Substitute: Dinka Pejić

Pre-Confirmation & Confirmation - typically 11 - 14 year old young teens
Teachers: Bear Midkiff, Fr. William Faix
Assistant: Leslie Sullivan