Corpus Christi 2018

On Sunday, June 03, the Czech, the English and the Spanish speaking communities will celebrate in common the feast of Corpus Christi honoring the Eucharistic presence of Christ. One Mass for all our communities will be celebrated at 09:30 am. Please note: there will be no Mass at 11:00 am. Immediately after Mass the Eucharistic procession will proceed first to the Altar of the Czech Patrons at the rear of our church for Benediction. Then the Procession proceeds to St. Joseph’s Church. Following Benediction we will then cross Mostecka Street and turn left to the Church of Saint Mary. The Procession with the final Blessing will be given at the Main Altar in the Church of the Infant Jesus of Prague (Jezulatko). All are invited to join us in public homage to the Lord in the Eucharist.