Fr. William’s 50th Priest anniversary

The 50th anniversary of Fr. William´s Priest ordination will be on Sunday, 9th of June at 11:00am Mass.
Father William has served under no less than SIX Popes. He was a living witness to Vatican II and multiple reforms and unfortunately scandals in the church.

He has taught hundreds of students, he has ministered to tens of thousands, he served behind the Iron Curtain and experienced first hand the oppression of communism. He has fulfilled the role of pastor, priest, mentor, teacher, student, and friend.

Pay your Religious Education fees Online

Religious Education class fees are due: 900CZK for regular classes, 1200CZK for sacrament preparation classes. Those who haven't yet paid can do so either directly in cash to Mary Beth Hlavsa or via bank transfer using the following details (bank code 0800 bank acct: 155523359). Please be sure to attach a note to the transaction with your child's name(s) and class, and that the payment is for their RE fee.


Parish Festival June 1 frm 10 am till 10pm in Kampa Parsk. Prague 1. Program soon!