Religious Education

All Saints Day – Pictures: The saints came marching in!!!

Our "younger members" as Father William calls them did a great job. Thanks to all the parents for getting the saints all dressed up! Thanks to Gloria Carrasco for taking shots of the event.

First Communion

First Communion will be held on May 26th, 2013.
Here you can see the photos of the celebration.

General Introduction to the Religious Education Program

The Catechism program was set up in the English-speaking community at St. Thomas Parish in the 1990's. Most of our students come from international families. However, recently, the number of children whose parents are both Czech has been on the rise. The number of students participating in the program annually has been between 50 and 60 in the past several years.


Children’s Liturgy of the Word

On non-Children's Mass Sundays, there will be Children’s Liturgy of the Word. The children’s liturgies are also marked on the calendar (CL). Before the readings, Fr. William invites all children to the altar and they go to St. Dorothy’s chapel with an adult for their own liturgy of the word including gospel reading, a discussion, and crafts or music, related to the theme of the gospel, before returning to the main congregation for the offertory.


Shows the calendar for Religious Education. It indicates Sunday's without classes, key events, dates for retreats, Sunday's that are Children's Masses, etc.


Our Classes and Teachers

In 2012-2013, the following 7 classes opened:
Teachers: Monika Shaheen, Kim Strebel
Assistant: Sophia Candaza

Teacher: Peter Hobden
Assistant: Radka MacGregor

1st Communion
Teacher: JoAnn Manzano
Assistants: Paula Hobden, Paola Lucianetti

Post-Communion I
Teacher: Lourdes Morgan
Assistant: Michael Morgan

Post-Communion II
Teacher: Vanessa Cucchi
Assistant: DawnAnn Haertel

Post-Communion III
Teacher: Mary Beth Hlvasa


The ceremony this Sunday was beautiful. Thanks to all involved!
Here ou can see the photos.

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